xbtitFM developer of this software, King Cobra, is a complete scammer who cheats out money to his users who have subscribed to this software.

Why do I say that !? I myself officially bought this software from him. HE LIED THE FIRST TIME,

  • …that the software cannot be installed without a license key!!! WRONG
  • …that each license key is associated with a domain name!!! WRONG

During the installation of the software, you are free to write a license to take any letters and numbers on the line. You are free to install as many different domains as you want.

I have installed the same software more than 20 times on different domains and with different license keys. Everything works without problems.

He himself does not dare to say it because he wants to make money for himself. He fears that if he makes the system for donations, he will not receive so much money. Everything would be okay if pay for the license ONCE, but not every 3 years. SUPPORT forum is a complete BULL SHIT – in the meantime, I won’t get help for a few weeks, it basically always offers reinstallation to solve the problem.

These prices on this website are FRAUD xbtitFM Subscribe Now! You can find xbtitfm demos at xbtitFM demo/

The best and fastest way to get help with this software is through this forum Bravo List

I offer you a full installer of xbtitFM 3.1 for a small fee and xbtitfm upgrade 3.0 to 3.1 DOWNLOAD IT HERE

If necessary, I will be happy to help you with installation and later solve problems. Feel free to contact me.

Coming soon as well xbtitFM 4.0 W.I.P.

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